Horses are just like us. Horses love massage also.

Horses have problems similar to people. They have sore back or neck, lower-back and pelvis issues, shoulder problems, tired legs and sore feet, headaches and the whole list of physical ailments.

Tension causes stress and stress causes tension.

An erratic nervous system can cause all sorts of things to happen unpredictably! Horses are unable to tell us where they are suffering or where the pain and tension is located and what needs to be done to alleviate it.

We, however, tune into the horse and by using our skills, techniques and intuition not only alleviate problems but to also provide preventative care.

A horse with stress from muscle tension can have mental disturbance and body imbalance. This can cause aggressive behaviour when serious. Tension creates a general feeling of discomfort and lowered vitality AND HORSES DO NOT LIKE PAIN!!!

A lot of problems can be rectified using remedial massage and muscular release techniques.

In the past the normal procedure was to call for help. Use of pharmaceuticals such as anti-inflammatories was and is still commonplace. They provide relief from pain to the horse, taking the ache and pain away. They do not always fix the problem. The same issue may well resurface especially if it is a blocked nerve branch causing restriction.

Ray has 20 years experience in healing horses. Ray can assess the needs and treatment specific for your horse.