Remedial Horse Massage Workshops for Individuals or Groups

Teaching is available to those who are interested in horse massage courses. I prefer to teach at home here on my property with my own horses. They are great to learn on and are used to having students work on them.

I have trained hundreds students over the years, sometimes in a group, but normally I prefer one or maximum 2 people.  In the last few years I have been travelling to Europe (England and Netherlands) to run courses for equine clubs, stables and individuals.

We do as much hands-on as possible, working on other horses as well. You are welcome to stay here. Spare bed is very comfortable, and I will feed you well with great lunches and dinners. You will enjoy your stay !

Cost for Courses run at my farm:

3 – day course one on one teaching $1750
2 – day course………………………………..$1200
1 – day course ………………………………..$600

  • Included in the learning is a copy of my 312 page book “Remedial Massage for Horses”, with over 350 high resolution photos, and 40 hand drawn Illustrations.

Note: You can purchase the ebook from – Click here for Link”

  • Personalised Training in Equine Massage
    Personalised Training in Equine Massage

    Hand-saver (which you will incorporate/use on the on day 2).

  • Camera card with all the photos taken over the duration of your stay – Of me and you working on the horses, the work experience which we will do each day, the skeleton we put together.
  • laminated copies of various drawings of anatomical structures.

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Equine Massage Workshops