– Muscle tendon ligament and connective tissue release.

– Massage to relax and deep tissue to beat muscle injuries.

– rejuvenate the life force of your horse with an experienced and diploma qualified horseman that explains the treatment and therapy applied.

– stretches to manipulate joint problems.

– adjustments to re-balance your horse’s body.

– have your horse relaxed and balanced, moving beautifully and recovering without any stress.

– Improving condition and performance.


Ray travels up and down the East Coast of NSW, SE Queensland, Sunshine Coast and wherever his work takes him.
If the number of horses are there to cover the cost of expenses, such as petrol, accommodation, and other expenses, then Ray will do it.
I am available Australia wide and Overseas

Feel free to contact with your enquiry.
mobile 0427647530
home 65647530
international +61427647530

‘I have travelled far and wide, teaching and working, and love explaining my treatments and theories to clients. I am sure people have a better understanding of their horse(s) after spending time with me and watching and listening to my explanations. Everything to do with horses is all pretty much commonsense.’

Pricing and duration of treatment
$50 for a 15-20 minute check-over
$75-$85 per half hour
$100-$120 for 45 minutes
$150 for a full 1 hour remedial session including all anatomical adjustments.

Costs can increase depending on distance I have to travel, especially just for the 1 horse.
All this is negotiable over the phone before I commit to the visit. Exact price will be given over phone. I may be doing a run up and down coast, which may be more convenient for you, me and cost involved.