When I work on horses I have eight techniques of horse massage. These equine massage techniques are used at different times of the treatment and considering the flow of muscle, bone and blood.


Is used to begin with and this is the technique you will se most often it is also best used when changing from one technique to the other.


Along with effleurage it is one of the basic foundation techniques used in massage today, making it a very soothing and stimulating method.


Possible to use in a lot of different muscles simple because of the amount of muscle mass in horses. Thumbs, finger, the heel of the hand and the point of the elbow are used.


I think that frictions are the most effective technique to utilise when working on horses. Great for superficial muscles and even better for the deeper ones provided that you get into the muscles deep enough.

  • Cross fibre
  • Sliding finer
  • Sliding thumb
  • Circular
  • Elbow
  • Finger


Percussions. Possible to use these techniques during change over from one method to another for a bit of relaxing stimulation in-between.


Fantastic for the forearm and all the lower legs on the tendons and ligaments.


This technique used on the the horse’s neck.


Always stretch after warming up the muscles. There are a lot of benefits from stretching muscles, tendons and ligaments after all the positive energy and work you have put in.

Extract from my book Remedial Massage for Horses by Raymond Bove page 145.

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