You can learn to massage your own horse at home just by reading my book. It is easy to read and understand what I am writing about.

You will get the same reaction with the horse as all the photos. It’s all pretty much common sense. The slower you go with a good intention will give you a positive result every time.

When horses are not sure they may lay their ears back or move around. Do whatever you must do for the horse to be confident with you and what you are doing. They react to the sensation of putting too much pressure on a tight spot in a muscle or joint.

Horses know when you are trying to help them! And it doesn’t matter if you don’t get it done as perfectly as you want, whatever you can do will help whatever situation you are in with your horse. Whenever I am working on a horse for a client everything I say is pretty much in my book. You will find that reading my book is like having a conversation with me.

I remember when I first started, and I bought a book on equine massage therapy. Well, I could look at the photos for hours and wonder with my imagination about everything to do with horse massage and applying techniques to horses. The looks they give you, and the contact you make with them.

The more horses you work on, or even just your own, the more you apply yourself to what you are doing, will improve your confidence and the horse(s) will pick up on this. They have a sixth sense, are intuitive and instinctive. You will find this ?.

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