NSW AUSTRALIA Dressage Rider, Instructor, Breeder and Amazing Horsewoman!
Raymond Bové has been treating my horses with remedial massage since 2015. Ridden horses often develop issues as their training develops (including from being horses & simply slipping in their paddock), so I have always tried to use appropriate ‘treatments’ for when things are amiss. I started using Raymond Bové when my older mare slipped & no amount of attention by vets & my usual chiropractors or therapists could get her quite right, but Raymond’s treatment saw her much improved, which developed into her returning successfully to work under saddle. Since then, every visit, Raymond treats several of my horses & keeps them ‘ticking over’ extremely well. In particular he massages my younger mare ‘Sera’. He addresses any issues I may know about, as well as often finds some that I may not have been aware of. The end result is a fabulous feeling & muscled up horse. Although located several hours from our stables, we organise a group of horses to make it a worthwhile trip for Raymond to treat a group of horses, several times a year. I thoroughly recommend Raymond Bové’s remedial massage for horses. He has really helped mine.