I love seeing the results in the horse during a bit of massage. Videos are a great way for you so see the nerve movements and horse reactions.

This is how a horse walks after s good remedial treatment, with Taylah Everson
How to treat pin worm in horses with a rectal drench.
Dressage horse with a few tension issues 🙂 one of my fave movies for a good demo and explaination
Bit noisy to start with , but its ok, back end bit of a sore back, all about connective tissue (fascia)
Ms Lameuse, Steve and Luke Quintano's 4yo Chestnut Thoroughbred mare. She had a few issues that we finally got right. Best she has been. All going well now ready to go on with. Steve and Luke have
What a Big Horse. Kind Gentle and Pleasure to go over.Had to sort out a couple of things, lower back, coupling and hips.:)
Warmblood @ Watagan Lodge Laguna NSW / Steve and Simonework thier horse for their daughters everyday!!!This Warmblood had a bit of a sore back and had been doing Eventing/Showjumping. But when any
usually find a bit in them,here and there, just all normal stuff .
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