The skeletal system is the framework for the horse’s body, it defines the overall shape of the horse. Muscles attach to this framework acts as a system of levers for the muscles to work against.

The skeleton houses the vital internal organs of the horse’s body. There are approximately 205-208 bones in the horse’s body, Arab horse having an extra set of ribs can make it a couple more (205-210). The bones store calcium and phosphorus.

Horses come in all shapes and sizes. Conformation abnormalities effects strain on muscles, tendon and ligaments. For example, a horse with a big head or being long in the pastern joints, will carry a bit more tension there than normal because perfect balance is not quite right. Horses with a short back will have more strength in it than a horse with a long back.

The horses humerus and leg showing ligaments holding the bones together

Remedial Massage, is defined by what you are going to work with, and, that is the shape of the horse.