Stretches for horses are an important step after massage.  The stretching out of muscles after releasing lactic acid helps:

  • muscle restoration and rehabilitation,
  • improves the elasticity of soft tissue structures (muscles, tendons and ligaments),
  • muscle memory, and
  • increase blood supply flowing into the hard tissue structures (bones) to make new red and white blood cells.

There are a lot of different stretches I do.  Below are a few of my favourite photos showing stretches.

Equine Stretches
Releasing the shoulder joint

All stretches are done at the end of a treatment.  After I’ve completed the massage therapy (from the withers down through to the shoulder, forearm and hand) a horse is so relaxed they give themselves to me with this release.




Equine Massage Therapy
Releasing the hamstring and hip at the same time.


It’s amazing how when all the fascia from the hindquarter is released, how everything behind and below frees up.





Equine Massage Therapy
Stretching the quadriceps

The best way to release the tension built up in the Stifle Joint is to stretch out the quadriceps. The horses really enjoy the stretching out of this muscle group. It really has an impact on the horses physical and mental state.